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Previous year Question Paper of SEBI GRADE A PHASE II

Previous year Question Paper of SEBI GRADE A PHASE II

SEBI GRADE A 2018 Security Market  Questions asked in Phase II

1. A stock broker is registered with – SEBI
2. If listing of securities of any entity is refused, then appeal can be
made to – SAT
3. The chairperson of stock exchange shall be an independent director
and shall be elected by the governing board amongst the public
interest directors and approved by SEBI.
4. Penalty for contravention where no separate penalty has been
provided- 1 lakh to 1 crore
5. What is the allocation to non-institutional investors in book
building process in an IPO – 15%

6. First country to ban insider trading – USA
7. A research analyst who is individual or partnership firm shall have
net tangible assets of value not less than- Rs.1 lakh rupees
8. Interest warrant above Rs.1500 is payable by speed post.
9. Rights issue in ICDR 2018 is in Chapter III of the regulations
10. Which of the following is not true about FCCB – FCCBs need not
adhere to ECB regulations.
11. SCORES is a platform operated by – SEBI

12. An investor can submit a complaint in SCORES which is
unresolved for – within 3 years from cause of complaint.
13. Definition of contract note: contractual rights and obligations of
parties of the trade are mentioned in contract note
14. ‘’3 in 1’’ in context of Securities market – Savings account, Trading
account and Demat account.
15. NSCCL is the Clearing corporation of – NSE
16. Which of the following is a Depository – CDSL

17. Registration of FPI is done by …….. on behalf of SEBI) –
Designated Depository Participant
18. What % of shareholding in a Stock exchange should be with public
– 51%
19. Right issue is open for a period of – 15-30 days
20. Chairman of Stakeholder relationship committee must be a- nonexecutive
21. SEBI act came into effect on – January 1992
22. Stock Exchange/Depository/Insurance company can hold how
much % of the paid up equity share capital of a recognized stock
exchange- 15%

23. Committee for insider trading – Sodhi committee
24. Maximum acquisition from open market under Buyback – 15%
25. Maximum limit of any buy-back shall be …. of its total paid-up
equity capital in that financial year and free reserves of the company:-
26. Director and key management personnel have to disclose their
shareholding within how many days of appointment – 7 days
27. Category I Merchant banker shall accept a minimum underwriting
obligation of- 5% of 25 lakhs
28. Chairman of SEBI- Ajay Tyagi

29. LODR 2015 came into effect from- 1st December 2015
30. SAT members – One presiding officer and 2 members as notified by
Central Govt.
31. NISM is established by- SEBI
32. Private company how many members – 2 persons
33. Funds and securities of foreign investors are kept in custody of –
34. Category 1 RTA minimum net worth requirement – Rs.50 lakhs
35. What is the limit of acquisition in target company above which
open offer in required – 25%

36. Trading by insider can only commence only after 6 months from
public disclosure of plan.
37. Any class of companies, as prescribed by SEBI, may issue a shelf
prospectus which shall be valid for 1 year.
38. Under ESPS equity shares held by employees shall be locked-in
for a period of one year from the date of allotment in the initial public
39. EPS means: Earning per share
40. Currency and interest rate derivate are called: Swap
41. Which of the following is not an intermediary: SEBI

42. Authority given by client to his/her broker to transact in securities:
Power of Attorney
43. Which of the following is not a derivative contract: credit agreement
44. Safety net arrangement” means an arrangement provided by the
issuer under which a person offers to purchase specified securities
from the original resident retail individual allottees at the issue price.
45. If Face value of share is less than Rs. 10 then maximum share
price will be- Rs. 500.
46. An agreement between two parties to buy or sell an asset at a
certain time in the future at a certain price is called: Future
47. A person shall not serve as an independent director in more than
seven listed entities.


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