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This course will cover Video lectures of Industrial Relations Labour Laws and Social Security for UPSC EPFO Enforcement Officer/Account Officer exam. Study Materials can not be printed and downloaded. You can login in two devices one at a time and try to login in more than two devices may lead immediately blocking of your account. Course Validity till exam.

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  • 00:00:00 Hours On demand videos
  • 11 Lessons
  • Validity till exam
  • Access on mobile and tv

Details about Video course:

Video Lectures on Following topics shall be provided:

  • Industrial Relations 
  • Labour Laws
  • Social Security in India
  • Current Affairs (Online PDF format Only

Summary Sheet of Video lectures in PDF format.

Current Affairs related content you can read online from website or we will send pdf to your registered email id.

Course Validity till exam.

Curriculum for this course

1. Lesson - Labour welafare part-1

2. Lesson - Labour welafare part-2

3. Lesson - Labour welafare part-3

4. Lesson - Labour welafare part-4

1. Lesson - Worker Participation in Management-1

2. Lesson - Worker Participation in Management-2

3. Lesson - Worker Participation in Management-3

1. Lesson - Social Security-1

2. Lesson - Social Security-2

3. Lesson - Social Security-3

4. Lesson - Social Security-4

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