CrackgradeB rocked total 8 selections out of 30 in IRDA Assistant Manager 2017.

Register for RBI 2018 Phase 2 Study material @ 2499. 

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I believe in quality content that can help students to crack exam in shortest time.

Most of the students don't know where to start from, what to study, how to manage the time effectively or the pattern of the examination.

Idea behind Crackgradeb: First time, when I applied for RBI GRADE B in 2016, I came to know from various online channels that it is the toughest exam. You have to study a lot of material and books for Grade B as mentioned in strategy shared by selected candidates. I studied 15 days for Phase-1 and 12 days for phase -2 and scored 150 marks out of 300 in Phase-2 using my own study notes. I found the exam not much difficult but by studying quality material, target can be achieved. I was not able to prepare for Phase 2 in 2017 due to unavoidable personal problems. Read More..


Currently I am providing the study material  for  RBI GRADE B  2018  and it will be specific and the best quality study material  in the market.

For queries, bulk purchases, call us at +91 9971687048
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